Association of Massage Therapists MassageProfi is an independent organization, which aims to unite and create a space for communication, exchange of experience, development professional's skills in the field of massage and manual techniques, as well as rehabilitation technologies

Advice from experts and teachers online

Online analysis of clinical cases, paid and free formats

Communicate with professionals, industry experts, colleagues and patients

Practical cases with key solutions to typical problems from leading experts directly from the expert office

Who would benefit from joining an association:

for experienced masseurs, it is a professional environment for communication, exchange of experience, training

for future rehabilitators, it's getting to know the profession and choosing a training area

for beginners, it is a choice of development and growth path in the profession

for fitness instructors, it's increasing the ability to solve a client's problem

for doctors, it is an opportunity to learn and use simple diagnostic methods and new manual techniques in treatment

for cosmetologists, it is an opportunity to increase the impact by effective facial techniques

for rehabilitation trainers — communicating with colleagues, improving their teaching skills  

for those who plan their own business in rehabilitation — answers to questions about where to start and what to do

for owners and managers of the welness industry — an opportunity to expand their offer for customers

Massage Therapy Association MassageProfi is open to individuals, organizations and businesses in the fields of rehabilitation, recreation, spa and welness. Any practitioner can apply to join the Association

The requirements for the candidate are as follows:

experience in massage and rehabilitation techniques
education in rehabilitation, massage and manual techniques
availability of a document from the relevant educational institution, confirming the enrollment in the profile
availability of experience in teaching rehabilitation and massage techniques, as well as techniques related to rehabilitation, recreation and health prevention

Terms of membership in the association:

the member of the association, each month, provides the administrator of the association with a description of his clinical case with his patient, makes a brief description of the algorithm and methods of exposure, indicating the result, both positive and negative

the description may be in the form of an impact narrative

the description may be a question to experts about assessing the correctness of the choice of methods, or to assess the correctness of their actions

a member of the association provides a brief quarterly report on the new methodology, technique or principles of work in his professional activity that he studied. The report should also include his plans to use the material he has studied in his practice

Association rules:

only reasonable information, statements, conclusions, assessments

only objective and correct statements about colleagues, methods and descriptions

strict adherence to the association's subject matter, professional subjects

in the case of an alternative opinion or disagreement with the information provided by the participants, objectively justified (not unfounded) comments on the proposal are allowed

sale of goods and advertising are prohibited


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